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Factoring Terms . . .

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The following describes some of terms under a factoring agreement. These are general terms. Belcorp will establish terms that best fit your business and therefore the following should just be used as a guideline.

  • Credit Limit - This will be established based on the collection history of your accounts receivable as well as the value of additional collateral that has been pledged.

  • Discount Rate - Rates vary and are directly related to the type of business as well as the payment history of your customers.

  • Advance Percentage - The advance rate is 75% of the value of the invoices presented for purchase. This may be higher based on individual analysis of your accounts receivables.

  • Days Included in Initial Purchase - Generally our clients prefer a period of 42 days for collection. If you feel the majority of your clients pay within 30 days (or any other specified amount of time) the discount rate will be pro-rated.

  • Number of Repurchases Allowed - With a 42 day initial purchase Belcorp will allow two additional 28 day purchase periods. This amounts to 98 days in total that Belcorp will hold your receivables. All terms will be based on a maximum of 98 days.


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