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What is Factoring. . .

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Accounts receivable factoring (financing) is the selling of outstanding invoices at a discount (factoring fee) in order to receive immediate cash, thus improving cash flow.

Once you qualify for A/R & P/O Factoring your company will begin to benefit by:

  • Predicable cash payments for product or services provided by your company.

  • Costs of this lending method are directly related to the credit worthiness of your customers and costs can be passed on to your customers who do not pay on a timely basis.

  • Belcorp will propose factoring terms that will allow you to sell your invoices for the most cost efficient period of time (i.e. rates will be pro-rated for shorter periods of time based on past payment history).

  • Belcorp will assume payment application duties that free your staff for other functions.

  • Belcorp will keep you advised of high-risk customers based on their payment history and volume as compared to your total receivables.

  • We can prepare accounts receivable statements for your customers that generally promote quicker cash payments.

  • Belcorp will advance funds against your major credit card charges if you require immediate cash. Belcorp offers this service through Credit Card Factoring.

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